This Saturday: binge watching League of Legends

Are you done taking exams, or just had enough of studying? The Delft Student E-Sport Association (DSEA) is hosting a full day of binge watching the League of Legends World Championships this Saturday.

The world finals for League of Legends, one of the most popular online games in the world, will be held at the Beijing National Stadium this Saturday. Because of the time difference, fans in the Netherlands will have to get up early. The games begin at 07:30 and the TU Delft Unit Culture will open at 07:00.

The DSEA started the tradition of watching the League of Legends World Championships on the TU Delft campus in 2015, the year that a group of students founded the organisation. The event was a huge success right away, as you can read in this feature article Delta published shortly after [in Dutch].

Information about the event next Saturday is on the DSEA Facebook page.

Hoofdredacteur Saskia Bonger

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