YesDelft students join Entrepreneurship week

The Global Entrepreneurship Week is a new worldwide celebration of start-ups. More than 160 countries participate, and there are more than 100 events in the Netherlands. YesDelft students carry the torch into the Delft campus.

A glass office in front of the Aula this week is the focal point for all of the questions you may have on starting your own business. Someone from YesDelft students is waiting there for you.

All week long there will be events all over the campus for aspiring students who think about setting up their own start-up. The organisation of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) aims to inspire entrepreneurs, students, policymakers and academics to engage in entrepreneurship and connect them to mentors, new talent or investors.

Let me shortly walk you through it:

  • Monday at 17:45 the kick-off will take place at the Glass House with champagne and pizza, accompanied by inspiring stories. No registration required.
  • Enjoy a free dinner in the Orange Room of the TU Delft Library on Tuesday at 18:00. Meanwhile you’ll learn how to build your business in a compact workshop. Registration required.
  • Visit the lecture Think like a Venture Capitalist on the art of raising money while enjoying a free lunch on Wednesday at 3mE’s lecture room C at 12:30. Reserve your seat and sandwich here.
  • Alternatively, or additionally, you can join the Yes!Delft Students Night, Wednesday from 21:00 in the Bierfabriek.
  • Another lunch lecture on Thursday (lecture room C, at 3mE) on the Transport of the Future. Get acquainted with two contrasting visions. Or join the Do-It game from 18:00 at the YesDelft building. Hey, there’s free dinner as well. Come with friends and try to become the most successful start-up of the evening! No idea or team required, but registration is.
  • Now that you think you might want to become an entrepreneur, Friday is time to visit the building that houses most of the Delft startups. Join the tour when YesDelft open its doors to all interested students. But first, enlist here.

To wrap things up, let me give you some context on the global entrepreneurship initiative.