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There is a curious exhibition on at the TU Delft library. With chess pieces, shoes, a bow tie, lingerie, a dishwasher and even a model house among the things on display. What

The exhibition – 3D Print Expo – was curated to showcase the broad range of research going on at the university on the subject. Faculties such as Architecture, Industrial Design Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and 3mE are all using 3D printing technology and you can get a glimpse at how at the exhibition.

The event kicked off with a 3D Print Week from November 24 to 28, 2014. During that week a number of workshops and lectures were held at the library on the subject from across disciplines. “The idea was to give students an idea of the scope of the possibilities with 3D printing, technical and non-technical, and in all areas of research,” said Marion Vredeling, the Programme Manager of the TU Delft Library who curated the expo. “While talking to different faculties about their research using 3D printing, we found that not only do different faculties not know about the other’s research, sometimes, even employees in the same corridor have no idea that there may be a common area of interest in their research,” she added. “The library is a space that exceeds faculties and allows everyone to interact with each other. Hosting such an exhibition gives people a comprehensive idea about the kind of research and innovation going on at the university and around the world in this field,” said Karin Clavel, Library Innovator from the Library R&D department.

The exhibition is divided into three categories. One section looks at research on in the university, another explores the use of 3D printers in areas such as food, fashion, medicine and others not under the purview of the university. The third section looks at the kind of materials that can be used, such as gold, wood and ceramics. “We borrowed some of the display material from the Museum of the Image, so we could create a broader exhibition,” says Vredeling.

Interestingly, public libraries all over the world are using 3D printers more and more, either for public activities and educational workshops or as additional facilities available for members. One of the 3D printers from the expo will remain at the TU Delft Library, “so library officials can better acquaint themselves with the technology”.

Meanwhile, Vredeling has also curated a Pinterest page that highlights a number of interesting innovations in the field and even looks at 4D Printing. 

What: 3D Print Expo

Where: TU Delft Library

When: Till January 19, 2015

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