Space poetry expo at Aerospace Engineering

Here’s an idea: close your working day with a visit to the Aerospace Engineering Faculty building this Friday. You can enjoy drinks and live poetry at the opening of the Poetry in Space exhibition.

The spacious and renovated lobby of the LR building now contains large panels featuring highly designed texts. Seven poets, all TU Delft affiliated, have written on various topics of space research such as astrochemistry, nano-satellites, gravity measurements, remote sensing and planetary research.

Now three times ice is what we had

Once fast and far between and vast

Once dense and cold and sharp and hard

Once purest ever found so far

(Annelies Broeders, master student Architecture and Built Environment, on asteroids)

“We wanted to challenge researchers to communicate about their work in other forms than articles for peers,” says Molly Quell from the faculty’s communication department. “And we also wanted to show other university members what’s going on in this allegedly remote corner of the campus.”

  • See more of the Poetry in Space exhibition
  • The opening of the Poetry in Space exhibition takes place on Friday 13 July at 16:30 in the lobby of the AE building, Kluyverweg 1, Delft.

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