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Post-graduate education took a tasty, tempting and temporary turn on November, when Emily van Vught and Yoni Runderkamp opened Choc pop-up store in Volendam.

The store is part of the master’s students’ Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) graduation project, the focus of which is retail design. Van Vught and Runderkamp have positioned their store as a temporary holiday retail outlet. As they apply what they’ve learned about store lighting, window displays and a host of other retail details, they’ll also try to determine if there’s a market for chocolate in their central Volendam location.

Choc features high-end chocolates from, Davinci and Zwarthoed, with a focus on holiday products such as chocolate letters for Sinterklaas. “We can carefully say that it’s a success”, said Runderkamp, who went on to say that she and van Vught dreamed up Choc just a couple of weeks before the store opened.

Since then, Choc has served up free hot chocolate with whipped cream and offered a voucher in the local Volendam newspaper offering a free chocolate bar with a purchase of €15 or more.  Recently, the students added a port wine and chocolate package to their festive selection.

The store stems from FEM pop-up, a company van Vught and Runderkamp established last February. Choc is open for business until December 31, when its doors will close—that means Volendam chocolate enthusiasts have only a few more weeks to shop before the TU Delft’s enterprising retail experts move onto their next big venture.

Choc Location: at the corner Dwarsstraat and W.J. Tuijnstraat 14a, Volendam

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