Food for Brains: ​Lángos

Last week it was exams week. Time to get up early, spend long days inside and, well, not much more actually.
With those long hours spent on campus the lunch break becomes something I look forward to, especially when the Lángos food truck is nearby.

Characterised by its bright orange colours, Lángos focuses on Hungarian specialities. Inside, you’ll find Rinus and his wife Ineke. Their genuine enthusiasm and passion for taste is something they manage to pass on to their food. They serve warm goulash soup for 3€; a delicious way to beat the winter temperatures, and a variety of lángos for €5.

A lángos is a typical Hungarian snack consisting of a deep fried flatbread topped with sour cream, and, depending on your preference, fish, meat or vegetables. It was something totally unknown to me and certainly not something I’ll forget. Everything is made fresh: the dough consisting of water, flour, yeast, sugar, salt and mashed potatoes is rolled out to form a small pancake before it ends up in the fryer. The result is a delightful, thin and crunchy flatbread that together with the sour cream and other topping (I had Serrano ham) will make you crave for more.

If, like me, you want to find out how to make some yourself, don’t hesitate to ask for the recipe; Rinus was pleased to share it with me. Be sure to try it out. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Luca de Laat

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