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When she was four years old, Eline Snels started asking her parents for ballet lessons. Enthusiastic, but not quite old enough for ballet, she went to toddler gym wearing a tutu.

“My mom says I was born dancing,” said Snels, an industrial design BSc student.

At the age of six she finally started ballet, and around the age of 11 she also began taking modern dance. After so many years invested, at the age of 18, she quit taking classes because of her school exams. “When I started my studies at TU Delft I didn’t dance for about a year, but I really missed it,” she said. So she went looking for dance classes and ended up taking belly dancing lessons to do something different. One of the girls in her class invited her to a party hosted by student society SoSalsa!. After that event, Snels said, “I fell in love with it and registered immediately.”

Although it was her first experience with salsa dancing, within one month Snels auditioned for and made the show group, performing with other dancers. Soon after she was asked to start giving workshops at parties and events and now teaches salsa classes both at the Sports and Culture Centre and off campus.

Dancing, in general, has been a passion for most of her life, but Snels said she really loves salsa. “It’s a social thing, where you create something together,” she explained. “And at salsa parties it always feels like summer because it’s warm, the music is great and people are really enjoying themselves.” Snels said after graduation her professional goal is to be a designer, but dancing will always be part of her life.

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