Write a message for Reinier de Graaf health professionals

ISA Delft is collecting messages from TU Delft students and staff that show their appreciation for healthcare workers. They will be displayed at the Reinier de Graaf hospital.

(Photo: The Indian Student Association Delft)

With the lockdown approaching a newer, more relaxed phase, the Indian Student Association Delft (ISA) reflected on and realised that it is important to consider how, why and thanks to whom these measures are being relaxed.

‘Not all heroes wear capes’

Thus, the ISA initiated the Support Matters project, thanking those working on the frontlines during the Covid-19 outbreak. “Support Matters’ aim is to get all TU Delft students and staff to utilise their social impact by thanking healthcare workers and expressing words of encouragement,” says board member Gopal Kandiyoor (external affairs). “Our heroes do not wear capes, but are individuals who are working day and night to make sure those affected are given the right care.”

Reinier de Graaf hospital

To get all the messages to the recipients, ISA is working together with the Reinier de Graaf Hospital in Delft. Kandiyoor: “A collection of all the written words will be turned into a banner that will be placed across the staff entrance to the hospital so that healthcare workers read the messages upon entering and exiting.”


  • The deadline for writing a message is 14 June 2020. If you wish to share your message, make sure your message is positive and avoids tones of pity, sympathy, and anxiety. You can send in your message here.

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