Survey: TU Delft community, how are you holding up?

After three months of working from home and on online education, Delta would like to know how students and staff feel about the current situation. How are you doing?

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Working from home and online education. It’s become the norm in higher education since the outbreak of the corona crisis. We are now three months down the line and the strict measures are slowly being relaxed. Still, we can’t just go back to campus. Delta would like to know how students and staff feel about the current situation. Are you thriving under these circumstances or is it taking a lot of effort to just keep up?

Challenges and bottlenecks

How are you doing? What kind of challenges and bottlenecks are you encountering and do you appreciate the facilities, communication, and support not only from TU Delft, but also from your own course, group, or department?

We hope that an online survey (an initiative of our colleagues from U-Today in Twente and a collaboration between various higher education media outlets in the Netherlands) will give us more insight into the current well-being of students and staff. The results will be published before the summer break.


We understand that even more screen time might not be what you’re in the mood for, but hopefully you can spare a few minutes to fill in this survey.

Please note: this is a different survey than the one that TU Delft’s Taskforce Work & Well-being will conduct in the coming months. Your privacy in the survey is guaranteed and participation is anonymous. Any answers will be treated confidentially and cannot be traced back to individuals.

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