Students win ‘International Water Movie Challenge’

Two interdisciplinary, international groups from TU Delft finished in first and second place in the ‘International Water Movie Challenge’, a contest organized by World Waternet, as part of International Water Week, held last week in Amsterdam.

The student teams were challenged to create a 3-minute short film that would ‘Trace the journey of your drinking water’, answering the question: where does my drinking water come from and where does it go?

A jury selected the winners from a short-list of ten international entries, including teams from Colombia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Netherlands (Nijmegen) and USA. On 2 November, TU Delft’s winning team was awarded a check worth 1,000 euros, the Water Movie Award, and the honor of being the faces of International Water Week’s ‘Water Movie Challenge’ in 2013.

This victory underscored the value of interdisciplinary and international teamwork among TU Delft MSc students.

The winning TU Delft team members were: Rick Blokdijk (IDE, MSc Integrated Product Design); Miquel Ballester (IDE, MSc Strategic Product Design); Andries van Wijhe (3mE, MSc Sustainable Processes & Energy Technologies); and Daniel Arenas (TPM, MSc Management of Technology).

The second place team included: Christoph Magerl (IDE, MSc Integrated Product Design); Eduardo Calle (Arch, MSc Architecture); Aisa Essed (3mE, MSc Sustainable Processes & Energy Technologies); and Lie Ping Huang (AS, MSc Sustainable Energy Technology).

IDE student Rick Blokdijk on his team’s winning movie: “We tried to use simple methods to make something nice: do some research, create a storyboard, collect attributes and start shooting.” TPM student Daniel Arenas added that “there was a lot of feedback within the group on ideas.” 

The 3-minute films can be viewed on www.tbm.tudelft.nlwebsite, by clicking ‘Latest News’.

Most entrepreneurial
Professor Freek Beekman has won TU Delft’s ‘Most Entrepreneurial Scientist Award’. Prof. Beekman researches and develops medical research and diagnostics equipment, while ensuring that this
equipment is also commercially viable. The Most Entrepreneurial Awards are organized by YESDelft and TU Delft’s Valorisation Centre. Dr Dap Hartmann was also honoured as the ‘most important motivator for entrepreneurial students’.

City architect
The dean of TU Delft’s faculty of Architecture, Wytze Patijn, who is resigning at the end of this year, has been appointed Delft’s ‘City Architect’. In this position he will be responsible for mediating between private companies, governmental organisations and the city council, while also helping to ensure the architecture and buildings in Delft are of a consistently high quality.

Beta’s battle
Lizet Bloo (MSc at faculty of TPM), Nadine van Minderhout (MSc at CEG) and Rianne Langenberg (BSc at EEMCS) have won the first round of the ‘The Battle of the Best Bèta’, in which 15 teams of Delft students are challenged to think of sustainable solutions for Plan Netherlands, an organisation that helps to improve the living conditions of children in developing countries. Plan Netherlands’ regional office in Zambia is facing major problems, which the TU students have been challenged to help solve. The contest is run by Accenture, a private consultancy firm. The winning TU Delft team books a place in the national finals, to be held in February 2011. The winning team will also receives 1,500 euros, which is then given to the student association, S.T.V.B. Curius, to be spent on either making a strategic investment or donated to a worthy cause.

TU Delft’s Dr Niki Kringos will be a guest speaker at the international TEDxAmsterdamWomen event, which will be held on 7 December 2010 in Amsterdam. The TEDxWomen programme focuses on exploring how women think and work, communicate and collaborate, learn and lead, by inviting leading women in their respective professions to come together and share ideas, while focusing attention on the knowledge, awareness and vitality that inspires new ideas. In her TEDx talk, Dr Kringos will attempt to turn her audience into asphalt lovers. “I was honoured to have been invited to speak,” Kringos, an asphalt expert, said. “I enjoy the challenge of making a more general audience enthusiastic about the complexity of asphalt.” A TEDWomen event offering a platform for 500 international and progressive speakers from around the world will also be in Washington DC.

Honours class
The Dutch Ministry of Education has awarded TU Delft a € 720,000 grant for the purpose of developing a Delft Honours Class for high-achieving MSc students. The Delft Honours Class is specially designed to give excellent students an extra challenge, beyond that of the standard MSc programme course work. The programme is open to students who graduated cum laude from their BSc programmes. The Honours Class study load is comparable to a half year of full-time study (30 credits), and offers a number of ‘blocks’ of courses from which students may pick and choose to construct their own cohesive programme of study, although there is one required course: Critical Reflection on Technology. The Honours Class gives students the chance to study their own specific areas of interest even more intensively, and the honour students are also expected to form a community, allowing them to build up networks with other outstanding students, scientists and leading figures from the business community.

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