Meet the Society: So Salsa!

SoSalsa! is an independent dance society where people can share their love for Latin dance, particularly salsa.
First-timers shouldn’t be deterred. “You don’t need to know salsa. This society is for people who just want to have fun,” says Nishan Marc Pereira, an M.S

c. student. Pereira is currently the secretary of SoSalsa! and has been actively involved with the organization since he came to Delft from India two years ago.

The club came into being eight years ago when Jan de Sonneville and Vivian Geraads, salsa instructors at TU Delft Sports & Culture, felt a need to have more opportunities to dance. Geraads, an industrial designer, and De Sonneville, a Ph.D. student in nanoscience, together with six of their dance students founded SoSalsa!

Even though the name is SoSalsa!, according to Pereira it really is about all kinds of Latin music and dance. Besides salsa, DJs also play bachata, merengue, zouk, reggaeton and kizomba. A typical event begins with a workshop where you can learn the basics. Then you have the chance to practice your skills on the dance floor and enjoy a social evening with people from all over the world.

According to their website, SoSalsa! welcomes international students and the cultural diversity they bring. “We encourage beginners to dance and try to make them feel at ease as quickly as possible. We gather because we love to dance, the rest is details.”

Anna Golubovska, a recent architecture graduate from Latvia, joined SoSalsa! because she wanted to improve her salsa dancing skills. “I would encourage everybody to join because it is a socially great way to improve your dancing skills,” says Golubovska, “and it is even nicer to do it with nice people around you, always ready to help you to learn a new move or just to have a nice chat.”

SoSalsa! organises a borrel every month at Unit Culture, usually on a Monday evening. There is no charge to attend this event, so it’s an easy way to get an introduction to salsa dancing. In addition, they normally organize one or two parties a month at a location on Phoenixstraat in Delft. For more information about the society, membership and events visit

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