It’s time to freecycle

As the countdown to the new session begins, preparation is underway for the big Freecycle Bazaar. Now in its second year, the bazaar is organised by the Central International Office and the TU Delft student group Ecolution.

The aim is to encourage people to recycle and reuse old household things and to help new students set up home.

Students and employees at the university are invited to donate things they no longer use. It’s a great chance rummage through your attics for things that might be useful to someone else. At the bazaar, which will be held on August 24th, the new batch of students can pick up whatever they need for absolutely free. 

Donations opened earlier in the summer and a large variety of things have already come in. Items include several pots and pans, crockery, photo frames, wall clocks, coffee makers and even a fresh set of towels and other linen. “This time we requested people not to donate clothes as there were very few takers for them last year. Also, we have asked everyone donating any linen to ensure that it’s in good condition and washed,” explains Mary Dotman of the Central International Office

“It is comforting for new students to know that they don’t have to start shopping immediately. Some utility things can be acquired here for free. Even for students who are packing up to leave, it is difficult to find someone to buy or take things they don’t need. This is a good way to ensure that their things are reused,” she adds.

If you haven’t donated yet, it will do to keep in mind that large things such as beds, chairs, cycles, refrigerators are not accepted either. However, class notes, printouts of lecture slides, books, lamps, small electronics and shoes are more than welcome.

“There are too many logistics involved with bigger objects. But, if someone has something big they would like to give away, we can always make note of it and help a student make an appointment with them,” says Dotman.

Donations can be made on Wednesdays, between 12.30 to 1.30pm at the Ville Rosa Building (between 3ME and EWI) and Mekelweg 2, Building 34.

To learn more about the Freecyle Bazaar, check out this video: 

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