Cycle to an organic farm

Interested in getting your hands dirty while learning about organic farming? Look no further than the Sports and Culture agenda. On September 14th at 14:00, students can join a group cycle to the biological farm Hoeve Biesland.

The ride takes about twenty minutes and once there, students can explore this unique farm. Situated in the Bieslandse Polder, the farm has been in the same family for more than 100 years. This family run farm has a mission, to encourage people to enjoy nature. According to their website, they are working “just like 100 years earlier, but with modern tools”. As much as possible, the animals are housed and fed in natural surroundings and are not given genetically modified food. The farm’s goal is to develop an agricultural system that does not damage local nature.

This workshop is aimed at international students who are interested in Dutch culture. It is a hands-on way for students to get in touch with organic farming in Holland. Esti Tichelaar of Sports and Culture says, “There will be a guided tour around the farm and the concept of organic farming will be thoroughly explained.” If you really want to get your hands dirty, students will have a chance to milk a cow and feed baby calves.

Not only does the Hoeve Biesland farm run organically, they also sell their products. Since 2007, the farm has been selling their local produce. You can purchase organic meats, seasonal vegetables raw milk and even beer. You can make an order online and pick it up directly at the farm. Hoeve Biesland also does catering and supplies restaurants, including organic meat to the TU Delft Sportscafe.

The organizers of the event expect around fifteen to twenty students to take part in the workshop. Even the cycle out to the farm will be a way for students to see more of the surrounding areas of Delft. It’s a chance to meet other TU Delft students and socialize while taking in Dutch farming culture. You can register for the workshop and get more information on the Sports and Culture website:

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