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If you’re walking around campus on June 5, 2015, you might just feel like you followed Alice down to Wonderland. From musicians and live acts, to tall tales of sciences and exhibits from the future, food trucks serving up some unexpected dishes, to art installations that boggle the mind – it’s a Day of Wonder right here at TU Delft.

The event marks the end of the International Festival of Technology Delft that opened on June 1, 2015. Over 90 performers and presenters come together for the campus-wide celebration. It has been organised by TU Delft in collaboration with the Haagse Hogeschool, InHolland, the municipality of Delft, and the Ondernemersfonds Delft area 11. “We’ve been working on the programme from December 2014. As part of that, we visited the festival Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen to check out the musical bands. We choose different genres, for all the different audiences. Also some national favourites like Jett Rebel and Typhoon,” said Anne van Straten, Marketing, Branding and Communication TU Delft.

Over the past six months multiple teams worked on bringing a wide array of performances together. Several TU Delft projects will also be showcased, including the Toilet Project and the Ogran-on-a-chip project from TU’s Institute for Human Organ and Disease Model Techonologies. Visitors can experience what’s like to be inside an exoskeleton, understand first-hand how a 3D printer works and watch a varied line-up of artists and musicians showcase their art. On the day, free tuk tuk and shuttle servies will be available to take you from arena to arena. The events have been divided into themes such as the Wonder Stage, the Discovery Stage and the Groover Hangout. Each stage will host events fitting its theme. For instance, the Health Arena is where you can find the Organ-on-a-chip guys. If you’re looking Rebel you need the Wonder Stage.

The idea behind the programming seems to be two-fold. “We brought together different kinds of events to mix it all up and attract a wide audience. Not only to get them interested in technology but also to get them wondering about the kind of technology made in Delft,” she added. The event is also promoting Delft as the Dutch Silicon Valley. “Some students talk about this festival in this way. So we decided to use this beautiful phrase,” said Van Straten.

Entry is free of cost.

More details available here.

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