Where to celebrate the King’s birthday this week

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands is turning 51 this Friday, and traditionally his birthday is celebrated all over the country. Here, we present the biggest parties in Delft, Rotterdam, The Hague & Amsterdam.

Oranjekoorts (Orange Fever) is a big party on the Markt. (Photo: Oranjekoorts)


King’s Night is the night before ‘Willy’s’ official birthday. This year, it is on Thursday. Like every year, there is a big party on the Markt in Delft called Oranjekoorts (Orange fever). This year is the so-called pub edition, and the idea is to turn the Markt into a big open air pub. How? There will be live pub style music, a pub quiz with thousands of people, sing-along hits, bitterballen[JB1] , metres of beer and much more. Tickets are almost sold out, but if you hurry you can still get one here for 17.50 euro.