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Staying well hydrated at summertime music festivals can be difficult, especially if you’ve been dancing in the hot sun. Industrial Design Engineering student Rozemarijn Visser has come up with a solution that could help you find a refreshing drink at a future fest.

For her MSc thesis, she designed The Water Factory. It’s a conceptual kiosk that could one day provide thousands of music fans all across the Netherlands with rejuvenating H2O while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint of major festivals like Lowlands and Pinkpop. Many attendees make do with disposable, and often expensive, bottles of water purchased on site. They’re often left behind once the last act finishes their set and all that wasted plastic really adds up.

As Visser explained during her defence on April 1, 2016, bottled water requires a lot of energy and resources to produce and transport it to music festivals. The Water Factory could change all of that. The kiosk would encourage attendees to bring a reusable bottle with them and, for a small fee, they would receive a sticker with an RFID tag to slap on the side. The sticker would then enable them to activate one of eight water taps located at the kiosk and/or make use of an adjacent cooling station.

“The ideal goal would be for people to bring their own bottles so they could be used as much as possible. If you lose your bottle you can always buy a new one at the festival,” Visser said. “I spoke with Dopper, a Dutch company that makes reusable water bottles and they were very interested in designing ones for festivals.”

Not only would the Water Factory be practical, it would look really cool as well. The kiosk’s conceptual blueprints feature a roof with an elaborate design that could make use of sunlight and create eye-catching patterns on the ground below. It would also light up with LEDs while in use after sunset.

Visser wasn’t very familiar with music festivals prior to beginning her project in July of 2015. She attended a few while conducting her research and consulted with not only music fans but also with the organisers of fests around the country. She hopes that they’ll further develop the Water Factory concept.

Visser, R.F., Water Factory – How a Festival Could Inspire to Become Sustainable, Supervisors: Keyson, D.V. and Dehli, S.R., Defence: April 1, 2016

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