Surviving fitness classes

If going to the gym is not your thing, try one of these fitness techniques. From different kinds of martial arts to various schools of yoga, and even krav maga, you can opt for any of these right here in Delft.

Pilates was developed in the 20th century by Joseph Pilates, who described it as the art of controlled movement. In Delft, Pilatesstudio Body and Mind offers different levels of classes. “Pilates trains the core muscles that gives you a good posture, more stability for lack muscles, more mobility for tension muscles, balance, coordination a better mood and more energy,” said Sandra van Wensveen. They have different payment modules, you can opt for a strip card of 10 lessons for €90 or a six month module for €160.

Krav Maga
Originally developed as a self-defense system for the Israeli military, Krav Maga is a contact combat system that combines techniques such as boxing, muay thai, judo and others. In Delft, one of the places that teaches krav maga is Rayo Sports. While they conduct three classes a week, you can opt to go twice a week for €41.50 a month. “The starting point of Krav Maga is natural instinct and that makes it easy to learn. Besides fun and fitness, it also makes you safer,” said Raymond Straetemans, one of the instructors. “We can always give instructions in English; in fact we have quite a few people who don’t speak Dutch already in our classes.”

There are a number of yoga studios in Delft that teach different styles of yoga, from Iyengar Yoga to Ashtanga Yoga. Among them is Banyan Yoga which offers classes in the various styles and all in English. “Everyone has a different motivation for yoga. If a student wants to relax and forget about their thesis for a while, they may choose our meditative Yin Yoga sessions or the intense Ashtanga yoga 75-minute session,” said Cassandra Kosten, the owner. They have two subscriptions, unlimited classes for €48 a month or once a week for €29 a month.

Wing Chun
A form of martial arts that originated in southern China, today there is a Wing Chun Federation even in Delft. You can attend Wing Chun classes in Delft or in The Hague for €40 a month. Dirk Wachtberger, one of the instructors, pointed out that aside from the usual benefits of any kind of training of sport or martial arts, those who learn the self-defence techniques of Wing Chun also get an innate sense of self confidence. “There are subtle differences in their body language that sends out a message, they no longer appear as someone who can be victimised,” he added.

Ryounkai Karate Delft
A form of traditional Japanese karate popular in the Netherlands, Ry¬ounkai is a full contact karate. The Ryounkai Karate Delft rents a training facility from the city hall for their twice-weekly classes. Classes cost €210 a year and for students it’s €136, or you can go ten times with a €15 card. “Teaching in English is not a problem. In fact, our Japanese sensei, Yasuo Takahashi, who teaches a class once every two weeks, conducts all his classes only in English,” said Bianca Peereboom, one of the instructors. “Ryounkai teaches you how to apply karate techniques in a real life situation,” she added.

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