Surviving campus music festivals

Summer time is festival season but you don’t even need to leave campus to find great performances. Several faculties and the university itself organise a number of festivals.

Every two years BkBeats takes place at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, organised by student association Stylos. ‘The Build Up’ was the theme for 2016’s event on April 22, which was completely sold out. Around 2,500 revellers attended. The team planned a line-up of over 15 artists, and décor to ensure that each area had its own vibe. “By doing this we try to reach every student and give every party animal an unforgettable festival experience,” said Coen de Vries, chairman of the BkBeats committee. A competition determined who got to design and build the main stage, and the winners of a band and DJ contest were rewarded with a spot on the programme.

At the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering the Airbase party was held on May 20 2016, organised by study association VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’. The party has around 750 attendees annually. This edition saw the faculty transformed into a party zone with two stages where you could drink and dance the night away. The theme was ‘Arcade’ which meant lots of neon, and a retro feeling on the dancefloor.

IO festival
Study association i.d at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering organise this event annually. In 2016 it took place on June 10. 1,600 tickets were available, and they always sell out. “This year we’re going to take our festival into a new dimension with our theme ‘Parallel Universe’. Different worlds will come together, leaving you dazzled and confused,” said Nadiye Çakir, publicity officer, before the event. “It’s completely designed and built by students; from the graphic design of the promotion to the construction of the lights. We host four stages with about 20 upcoming and diverse artists. It offers people a unique experience at a place where you normally study!” A band and DJ competition decided two of the performers.

BELCA festival
What started out as a way to showcase the talent of faculty members in 2010 has grown into a small-scale festival, a collaboration between the Bioelectronics Department and the Electronics Research Lab. In 2016 it was on July 1 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science’s cellar /Pub. “We’ll have two external bands plus the BELCA band. As well as music there’ll be dancing and shows too,” said Farnaz Nassiri Nia, festival coordinator, beforehand. “People are already rehearsing for their performances including some pop, jazz and Rammstein. We’ve tried to make it multicultural so there’ll be Indian, Italian, Brazilian and Iranian songs.” It’s not ticketed, so you could just turn up and enjoy the show. The /Pub can accommodate 300 people. International Festival of Technology This festival made its debut in 2015. It returned in 2016 from June 1-3 on the terrain around the Aula. On Friday June 3 the festival concluded with a festival day chock-a-block with technology, music, food trucks, art, new talent and a line-up of well-known artists.

Off campus
A couple of events that take place off campus are worth a mention too. Gezelschap Leeghwater, student association for Mechanical Engineering, hosts ‘Mechnificent’ each year for 700 to 1,000 people. In 2016 it took place in Rotterdam at Maassilo. The Faculty of Applied Sciences also has an annual LABDance organised by student associations Hooke, Technologisch Gezelschap, LIFE and VvTP. On March 23 2016, lab coats were donned for a ’thermodynamic’ edition at Lorre. It usually draws a crowd of about 300.

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