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Delft may be a small town, but it doesn’t lack variety when it comes to entertainment. Whether you’re a theatre aficionado, prefer ballet or want to watch the latest blockbuster, the perfect venue is right around the corner.

Theater De Veste
For the past twenty years, Delft’s Theater De Veste has hosted a wide array of cultural activities, from stand-up comedy to dance and chamber music. “We host a lot of comedy because Delft loves to laugh. The standup nights are more expensive by comparison, but they sell more. This gives us a chance to host experimental acts and newcomers as well,” said Anne Struiksma, of the marketing department. While the standup is usually in Dutch, they have hosted internationals such as Greg Shapiro. On the 2016/2017 programme comedy nights are scheduled in November, February and April in English. A range of music and dance performances by international artists are planned too. Students can buy an annual membership card for €10. Called an Investigation Card, it works as a discount card and every subsequent ticket then costs €7.50, the catch is you can only buy tickets still available 15 minutes before the start of a show). Average ticket costs for non-students vary from act to act and cost €10 – €50.
Where: Vesteplein 1 Delft

Filmhuis Lumen
Do you like your cinema black and white? Or do you prefer them international, insightful, artistic and, sometimes, obscure? Filmhuis Lumen is probably more your kind of space then. Founded in 1974 with the aim of improving film availability in Delft, the theatre screens movies not often in the mainstream. Made by filmmakers around the world, the works explore different socio-historical backgrounds, past filmmakers and innovative filmmaking. Regular tickets cost €9, but on Tuesday nights students can buy tickets for €5
Where: Doelenplein 5, 2611 BP Delft

The Microtheater is the theatre of an amateur drama club called de Flits or The Flash. Founded in 1939, the club comprises a group of around thirty people who do everything from stage construction to acting and admin¬istration. They have two annual productions a year which run fifteen to twenty-five times each. “Though we work with plays written by play¬wrights from across the Western world, we only stage them in Dutch,” said Eddy Gerretsen, senior member of the club. Entrance costs around €10. “If you want to practice your Dutch and see a play by a writer you know, a visit might be worthwhile for international students,” he added.
Where: Kerkstraat 19, 2611

Pathe, Delft
Newly revamped, Pathe is the main movie theatre in town. Part of the Pathe chain of cinemas, Pathe Delft showcases the latest Hollywood blockbusters and Dutch movies. In bigger cities such as Den Haag and Rotterdam, the halls also screen big budget films from other countries. While a regular ticket costs €10 (more for a 3D film), morning shows cost €7.50. You can also invest in Unlimited membership cards.
Where: Vesteplein, Delft

Lijm & Cultuur
Multipurpose venue Lijm & Culture is located right behind the university. During the summer of 2016 they hosted an international BBQ competition, the Ohm festival and a number of Delft Chamber Music Festival performances. Prices vary per event, ranging up to €30.
Where: Rotterdamseweg 272, 2628 AT DELFT

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