Stukafest 2014

Stukafest , one of the most unique arts festivals in the Netherlands, is returning to Delft on February 26 2013. This event showcases live performances including theatre, music, dance, literature and poetry.

But the really unique part about this festival is that rooms and houses of TU Delft students are transformed into mini-stages throughout the city of Delft.

According to Judith Leijdekkers, Chairwoman of StukafestDelft, the first Stukafest took place twelve years ago in Nijmengen and has now grown to include thirteen university cities throughout the country. This year for the fifth time in Delft the studentenkamerfestival (dorm festival) will take place in fifteen student houses that have been volunteered to host fifteen different live performances.

“We try to mix the types of artists to include some bigger names and to give less known people the opportunity to grow,” said Leijdekkers. One of the most well known performers on the program is Spinvis, a former professor at TU Delft named Erik de Jong.  De Jong’s lo-fi music has earned him two golden records and he performs all over the Netherlands and Belgium. Another name familiar on the music scene is rapper Typhoon, who will be doing a spoken-word performance of his lyrics. In addition there will be some up and coming artists like singer Luka, who recently won the Stukafest Singer/Songwriter contest to earn a place in the festival.

The program will consist of three rounds of performances, starting at 20:30, 21:30 and 22:30. You can choose up to three that you would like to attend. There will be a thirty minute break between each performance which should leave plenty of time to walk or cycle to the next one. Each venue can host about thirty attendees, but for Spinvis they can accommodate about sixty. “We want people to feel comfortable, like they are coming home,” stated Leijdekkers. “Since you choose your own program it’s a chance to meet people with similar interests.”

The evening will culminate with an Afterparty at Theatre de Veste in the center of Delft. This provides a chance for attendees to come together and meet everyone involved. Leijdekkers said this year guests can party the night away until 4am with a silent disco, a band and a DJ.

Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased online or at several points on campus. For more information about tickets and the event visit or

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