Students take the reigns

Looking to get involved at TU Delft? The university organizes a wide range of student groups, from mountain biking to philosophy. Whatever your preference, chances are, there’s something at the university for you.

There are over 3,000 international students at the university from over 20 different countries. Foreign student societies in Delft range from the Association of Chinese Students to the Hellenic Student Association. Aside from cultural gatherings, the organisations facilitate knowledge exchange and work as a support system. “We currently have a board of ten active members and a booming community of Mexicans of around 100 members in Delft. We collaborate with Mexican institutions and associations in Netherlands, such as the Mexican embassy in the Netherlands and the Mexican Network of Talents (RTM),” explains Omar Jiminez, board member of Mexicanoes En TUDelft. If you’d rather join a sports club, the sports and culture centre facilitates a wide range of teams, from football to cycling. Societies include Drop (snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, kite surfing etc) and Punch for volleyball enthusiasts. There are also two student rowing clubs in Delft, Proteus-Eretes and Laga.

For those interested in governance, there are organisations such as the Delft International Student Society (Diss) and the Board of European Students of Technology (Best). “Diss is a student run society that represents the interests of international students at TU Delft. We try to answer their needs and host sessions such as social events, career events, academic and housing issues,” Ran Qaedar, the chairperson of Diss. (DP)

For more, watch out for Meet The Society, an online series profiling each student  society individually.

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