Student designed Delta stands ready to be rolled out

As part of a project several years in the making, 23 display stands for the TU Delft newspaper ‘Delta’ will be arriving in faculties and buildings around campus. The stands were designed by Product Design 4 (PD4) students.

Delta Editor in Chief Frank Nuijens said that they noticed how each building has their own different method of display, that are not always easy to find or recognizable. “Since we have the Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) faculty, we decided to ask students themselves to figure out a good way to present Delta that is uniform, and recognizable, he said” Nuijens and IDE second-year PD4 coordinator Stefan van de Geer presented students with the problem, and two groups took up the challenge. Van de Geer explained that while many students choose concepts, basing their product around a ‘fictitious assignment’, some choose to work on products which have a likelihood of getting made, such as the Delta display stands.

The groups started by assessing the problem, then developing a product, taking into account everything from physical aspects like shape and strength to things like coloursetting and cost. The final design from the student group SPOT, comprised of Marloes Röling, Tessa Geuze, Thijs Langbroek, Letteke Pichel and Phi Hung Ly was chosen by Nuijens alongside the TU Delft executive board, and Facility Management & Real Estate.

The final design from SPOT, with collaboration from van de Geer and other IDE teachers, is a zigzag structure with 80 degree panels for an optimized height and viewing angle, and a backboard for stability. It is also twice coated for longevity, and ensuring it is easy to clean. The original prototype was created by ‘Burning Designer’ Sebastian van den Elshout and after a few minor alterations, the 23 commissioned display stands are ready and waiting in the IDE faculty to be distributed around campus.

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