Strong brains and toned bodies are all part of the university experience.

Understanding the importance of exercising more than just our brains, TU Delft offers a comprehensive sport facility on campus. With a variety of sport and fitness options, there is something for everyone.

Considering it to be the best sports offer she has experienced at a university, Jana Zibulski, who is pursuing a master’s in biomechanical engineering, says “they make it easy to try out new things and that is how I was able to discover my passion for climbing.”

In order to participate, you need to have one of two different membership cards. Your first (and cheapest) option is the Sports Card, which will give you access to all of the classes. Once you have a Sports Card, you can also purchase the Fitness Card, which gives you access to the fitness room.

For enrolment classes (like tennis and Jiu-Jitsu) you sign-up at the beginning of the term whereas for group lessons (like yoga and energy block) you enroll online on the day of the class. Popular courses fill up quickly.

Both cards can be purchased at the start of the academic year, but if a yearlong commitment seems overwhelming, there is an introductory period at the beginning of the year where you can sample the classes. Trying out a class lets you see if the Zumba instructor has the moves you are looking for.

Regardless of your schedule, you should be able to find time to get in a workout. During the academic year, the fitness room is open from 7:30 until 23:00 during the week and 11:00 17:00 on the weekends. “I like the fact that it has such extended opening hours compared to other university sports centers,” says fitness instructor and master’s student in sustainable energy technology, Marjolein Elderson. Practice areas are open later, from 08:00 to 1:00 on week days and 08:00 – 21:00 on weekends.

Facilities at the Sports Centre are frequently updated. Just last year they expanded the fitness room adding new equipment. This summer, the Centre began offering fitness classes during the holiday period and is even holding some outdoors.

Of course there is always room for more improvement. “For me personally, a running track would be a great asset.”

If you’ve always secretly wanted to learn how to fence or learn karate, you can find more information on their website:


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