​Special expat event at museum night

Museum night will be taking place in Delft on Friday, October 24, 2014. The organisers have catered to the international community this year, with an expat drinks event planned and guided tours in English.

“We see that more and more expats visit museum night every year. It used to be some 5-10% of attendees when we first started back in 2010, but we estimate that it’s about 20-25% now,” says Rene Jacobs, co-organiser. The expat event is being organised in cooperation with TU Delft Sports and Culture and Expat the Hague.

The evening kicks off at 18:30 at the Armamentarium with a free welcome drink where you can meet other expats, whilst DJ Roccalberti provides music from the fifties. Peter Zegveld will officially open the evening at 19:45by performing Scherzo Mechanico – a kind of symphony from mechanical instruments he handmade himself. The tours depart at 20:30with an English speaking guide. All tours start and finish at the Armamentarium, and last around one and a half to two hours. “Each tour can take a maximum of around twenty people, so we may run a second round at 22:30 if there’s a demand for it,” says Jacobs.

There are four tours to choose from, each with its own theme, and you’ll get a fingerlight colour coded to your choice of tour. The art tour (blue) will visit Galerie de Zaal, Kadmium and Galerie Terra. The technique and design tour (red) will visit Science Centre Delft, Tool Museum Mensert and Van Waay & Soetekouw. The history tour (green) will stop at Prinsenhof Museum Delft, Museum Paul Tetar van Elven and Winkeltje Kouwenhoven. Finally, the Chef´s Choice tour (white) which will remain a mystery until the night itself. Your guide will take you on a surprise tour to three very different places offering different cultural flavours.

Tickets for the expat event cost €12 and can be purchased at www.museumnachtdelft.nlusing iDeal, or you can simply register at the site and pay in cash at the Armamentarium on the night. The price also includes a passe-partout, which will serve as your ticket to all other exhibits and activities happening in Delft throughout the night, so you can explore further before or after your chosen tour. “You will experience Delft in a unique way and meet your fellow expats,” says Jacobs. “Discover the exciting cultural scene of Delft with the expat tour and have an evening to remember.”

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