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Architect and TU Professor Dick van Gameren has been awarded the best building award 2012 for his project Villa 4.0

. Prof. Van Gameren totally transformed a twice renovated dull bungalow in Naarden near Hilversum. He introduced a corridor connecting the spaces and replaced ‘introvert walls’ by large glass facades. By doing so he ‘replaced the horizontalness with dramatic spaciousness,’ said the jury. The award, organized by the Dutch architects’ society BNA, had 309 competitors and was presented in Amsterdam.


For his ground breaking work on bio robotics and bio mechatronics, Prof. Frans van der Helm (3mE faculty) will be honoured as Simon Stevin Meester 2012 as of October this year. Or so the initiator of this important homage in the Dutch engineering field, research funding agency STW, announced this week. Perhaps more importantly, Prof. Van der Helm will also receive half a million euros to continue his work.

Sea level

When the ice melts, the local sea level rise depends on more things than the amount of water added. Changes in gravity, the reaction of the Earth’s surface and rotation play a role, too. Geophysicist and TU lecturer, Dr Bert Vermeersen, will join maritime research institute NIOZ (Texel) to improve their sea level estimates, both past and future. He will stay on the island during lecture-free periods at the TU.

Rail research

Railway infrastructure manager Prorail has called in Delft researchers to help solve some of its malicious problems. Delft rail experts, material researchers, risk analysers – to name just a few –participating in this so called ‘Intelligent Rail Infrastructure’ programme received 2 million euros to investigate how vibration effects the quality of rails, to develop better metals to build rails with, and to investigate the effects of technical malfunctions and delays on the train time schedules.

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