Share your Hyperloop knowledge on new platform

The TU Hyperloop team launched a website where all Hyperloop teams can share their knowledge. Is it a good idea for them to share their findings?

The Delft Hyperloop team. (Photo: Anouk de Kleermaeker)

“Yes,” answers a Delft Hyperloop team spokesperson. “The Hyperloop is much more than just the competition, and we won’t share the findings of the competition. This year’s competition is all about speed – it’s actually a rocket in a tube whose power density is much higher than the real Hyperloop and which does not hover. So this year’s competition is not realistic for the real Hyperloop.  But a competition like this has its good sides, for example that it starts people to think about solutions in a different way and speed attracts a lot of publicity.”

“In the end, our goal is not to win the competition but to make the Hyperloop possible,” the spokesperson says. This is evident in the run-up to the website launch during which the team had multiple think tank sessions with companies like Tata Steel and Brunel. These sessions were not about making the Hyperloop faster, but about how the Hyperloop can be built in the landscape, safety measures and the best construction for the Hyperloop.

The website, called Hyperloop Connected, focuses more on the Hyperloop than on the competition. It contains infographics, news, technical articles and a map of Hyperloop institutions around the world with descriptions of what they are working on.  “Now, no one knows who is working on what,” explains the spokesperson. “Knowledge is not shared at all. We want our new website to make this open. After the competition, the knowledge will be saved on this website and will not be forgotten.”  

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