The Nuon Solar Team wins big in South Africa

Last year, TU Delft’s Nuon Solar Team blazed a trail through the Australian Outback and won the 2015 World Solar Challenge. This year, they set their sights on the Sasol Solar Challenge and managed to beat the competition once again.

The team completed their run during the eight day event on October 1, 2016. During the race, which featured solar-powered vehicles designed by groups from all over the world, they faced numerous challenges as they travelled from Pretoria all the way to Cape Town. The team endured thunderstorms and heavy wind gusts on Day 3. A trek up a mountain pass on Day 4 put their engine at the risk of not just overheating but possibly melting as well. They were even pulled over by a feisty traffic cop at one point.

Strong winds literally blew the top off their vehicle, nicknamed the Nuna8s, on Day 6 and a loose wire caused them further headaches. Despite what seemed like a seemingly endless series of setbacks, the team won the competition and beat a world record in the process. Having managed to cross a staggering 4,717 kilometres in the Nuna8s, they now hold the record for the longest distance ever driven during a solar race.

You can read more about the team’s adventures in South Africa over on their Facebook page.

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