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Imagine challenging yourself, improving your communication skills and building friendships, all while having fun. The Delft Improv Group (DIG), a campus theatre improvisation group, aims to help people do just that.

Founded in 2013, DIG is the only English speaking improvisation and theatre group in Delft. They currently have about 25 members representing many different countries and are proud of the fact that everyone is welcome.

DIG hosts weekly jams every Monday evening at Culture as well as some sessions on Thursdays. The jams, which average about 12 participants, typically start off with a warm-up game, followed by improvisation games and then a cool down. “Although it’s mostly talking, it can get very physical,” said Loic Rossi, an aerospace researcher from France. “You really get into it.” He explained that there is a format to the jams, but there is also a lot of freedom to express yourself. Rossi emphasised that new participants will never be alone, but are guided step by step through the process.

People join DIG for different reasons. It can help to overcome shyness, build self-confidence and improve communication skills. When Alvaro Papic, a master’s student from Chile, heard about DIG he thought it might be an opportunity to develop language and presentation skills that are valuable in the real world. “I went and ended up having so much fun,” he said. “At the very least you are going to have fun.” Papic also said there is a relaxing, de-stressing component to improv because, “you have to make a fool of yourself.”

Both Rossi and Papic said there is also a big social component in the group. “Joining DIG is probably one of the best decisions I ever made,” said Rossi. “It’s where I met most of my friends.” In addition to jams, DIG members host workshops, do performances like the local Fringe Festival, take road trips to see other performances, and even have dinner together.

The group encourages all sorts of people to join because they say diversity enhances the experience. “Different perspectives push toward different results,” said Papic. “New people bring radically different ideas. And that’s what it’s all about, nurturing your imagination.”

Interested in joining? An e-mail and €20 is all it takes for a year-long membership. Non-members are also welcome to participate in jams for a €2 contribution.

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