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A dating event, Lunar New Year’s celebrations sponsored by the Chinese embassy and multinationals that are eager to present themselves during job fairs. ACSSNL-Delft, the oldest Chinese student association in the Netherlands, is unlike any other fraternity in this city.

Board members Zongchen Li, Xukang Wei and Yuchen Tang holding traditional Chinese masks. (Photo: Elise Mooijman) 

  • Name: ACSSNL-Delft
  • Associated country: China
  • Established: Over 30 years ago
  • Number of members: 33

What do you offer students?  

Xukang Wei (24), President: “We help new students look for a place to stay, set up a bank account, and also to fit in. The first activity upon arrival is an entertainment talent show. New students really want to show their talents with acts like singing, doing magic or dancing.”

Yuchen Tang (25), Vice President: “They are in a totally foreign country and we try to make them feel a bit at home. The association is a spot where they can gather.”

A much-heard stereotype about international Chinese students is that they only hang out with other Chinese students. What is your take on this?

Xukang: “We are trying to change this and it is changing. This year, one-third of the audience at our Chinese New Year gala was international.”

Yuchen: “In the beginning, Chinese students feel safer when hanging out with other Chinese students. One of the reasons is language difficulties. After one year they become more international.”

You mentioned you organise a gala to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Can you tell us more about it?   

Zongchen Li (28), Former President: “Like Christmas in Western countries, Chinese New Year or the Lunar New Year is the most important festival in China. It is a great time for a family reunion.”

Xukang: “The gala is a big party in Theater de Veste. There are performances and a cultural exhibition.”

How do you afford such a big event?

Yuchen: “The gala costs EUR 6,000. Luckily the Chinese embassy, several Chinese companies and the Municipality of Delft sponsor us.”

What other events do you organise?

Zongchen: “Job Fairs. Chinese universities and companies come here to recruit young professionals. We close annual contracts for sponsorship with them.”

Yuchen: “We take care of every aspect of our student’s lives, so we also organise a dating event! Students from three different universities – Utrecht, Leiden and Delft – meet up for lunch. They play games to get to know each better and if they are interested in each other, exchange numbers.”


Elise Mooijman / Freelance redacteur

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