The Lone Star State Comes To TU

From May 23rd to June 20th, TU Delft will be hosting 17 undergraduate students from the University of Texas (UT). The students are making the long journey to Delft in order to study nuclear science and to visit the nuclear reactor on campus.


TU Delft is known worldwide as an excellent university and thousands of the TU Delft’s students are international students who come to this university to conduct quality research with state of the art facilities and top-tier professors. The university also hosts many exchange students throughout the year. This spring, the University of Texas is sending over students for a Maymester Study Abroad program. The course is entitles Concepts in Nuclear and Radiation Energy.

Dr. Sheldon Landsberger from UT is accompanying the students. He explains that traditionally, American universities do not value study abroad programs for students in science as much as they do for those in the liberal arts. With increasing globalization, getting to know the strategies and functions of other countries becomes more important. “Thus students who have had experience in study abroad programs have a competitive edge in being hired in companies that maintain international business,” says Dr. Landsberger.

The Texas students will be hosted by TU Delft professor Dr. Peter Bode. The students come from a wide range of faculties including mechanical, civil, aerospace, petroleum, biomedical and chemical engineering.

An extensive program has been set up to keep the students busy learning everything from the history of nuclear reactors to the irradiation of food. They will be conducting laboratory exercises and getting an exclusive tour of the TU Delft nuclear reactor. With lectures conducted by Dr. Landsberger along with Dr. Bode and other TU Delft Professors and PhD students, the students will be quickly saturated in the subject matter.

Beside the educational aspects of the trip, the students will get a taste of Europe. A tour of our beautiful city of Delft and a mini trip to Belgium are in the plans. Not to mention a happy hour and a few free days to explore.


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