Internationals making their mark at TU Delft

The international community was well represented at the Best of Delft awards as international students managed to pioneer in very specific research areas of their fields.

Three of the eight students honored made the international community proud on the afternoon of the Best of Delft ceremony, held at the Aula of the TU Delft campus. A moderately small event, the near three hundred attendees were treated to a ceremony celebrating the best students and teachers in 2012-2013 from each faculty of the university.

Starting with the expected opening lines from Karel Luyben, TU Delft’s Rector Magnificus, the audience was enlightened about the importance of receiving such recognition. What followed the Rector’s speech was an immensely enjoyable set of presentations from recipients, students briefly outlining their thesis work while teachers honored by student-made videos.

The best students were all chosen by faculty members, while the reverse held true for the best teachers. They were chosen by a voting process carried out within the complex network of student organizations at the TU. A panel consisting of the Rector Magnificus, the Vice-Rector and the chair of the Delft University Fund ultimately decide which of the nominees to award the title of best student.

Ashish Patel (India) came from the Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials. Through his research, scientists are now able to properly envision and illustrate certain heat transfer characteristics in fluid transportation. This is something that could not formerly be done until Patel’s work.

Bahareh Barati, an Iranian scholar in Industrial Design focused on designing a set of probes that will play a role in retail lighting in the coming years. She is now working on a paper for the International Journal of Design. The final international honored, also from India, was Kaveri Iychettira. She dealt with analysing the performance of the electricity capacity market in Europe in the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management.

Ultimately, Hilde Coumou, a Dutch student who is persuing a double master’s degree in Life Sciences Technology – Cell Factory track and in Science Education was awarded the top student spot. (SG)

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