‘I really feel that I belong here’

It was a struggle for master’s student Giulia Bacchi to decide what career to follow. But she finally found the place where she belongs.

Giulia Bacchi: “When I saw the university I wanted to be here.” (Photo: Heather Montague)

“When the time came for me to choose a university, I was really thinking about design, thinking I would go to Politecnico di Milano. But my hometown has a really big shipyard and there was also a university close to home. I wanted to demonstrate that I’m not only good at drawing but I have a brain too so I went with nautical engineering. It was quite hard because I had never studied scientific subjects in high school.

‘It was quite a struggle to finish’

But I realised it was not a place I felt I belonged and it was quite a struggle to finish. It was really hard. I chose to stay in Italy to be closer to my family, but then, due to the loss of one of the most important people for me, I started to feel anxious. I had to work on why I was feeling anxiety and I went to professionals to talk about it because sometimes your family and friends can’t help. They taught me not to get stuck and that I could do whatever I wanted. I lost two years during that process. I thought about quitting the engineering degree even though I was doing well. But I decided to finish, if not for me, for those who believed in me.

Then I met my boyfriend who was doing his final project at TU Delft. I came to visit him here and I saw the university and I wanted to be here. And now here I am and I’m going to start my graduation project soon. I proposed a topic which is to create an application for strategic design for political changes. Basically, I would like to design something that will help people understand politics. I’m the first one to admit that when it comes to voting I don’t always understand what to do. I want to create something that is transversal because every country has its own issues and I have seen that there are lots of angry young students when it comes to the topic of politics.

When I finish, I don’t know if there will be a possibility for a PhD, but I would like to do one. I really feel that I belong here because it has made me happy about what I do.”

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