Historisch Joris

The disturbing history of mental health treatment in the region is revealed at this museum.In the 19th century forced treatments were common; patients were forcibly placed in prolonged baths, straitjackets, beds and insulin induced comas.

There’s a collection of objects used during this period on display. And they weren’t only for those considered mentally ill, but also for those who demonstrated aberrant behaviour. “It may seem like a horror show, but it’s all been used in the past,” said curator, Niek van Hamburg. Some items in the collection, such as two bite and spit masks, are quite unique. It’s a fascinating place where third class citizens were once treated.

“Historisch Joris aims to offer a safe haven for people that are or have been in need of mental healthcare by means of occupational therapy activities,” explained Van Hamburg. The museum opened in June 2015, and 22 people are currently engaged in running the tea rooms and gift shop on site, giving tours and helping organise the collection.

The museum is situated in a listed building dating back to 1893, located within the grounds of psychiatric centre GGZ Delfland. The tour is recommended for hearing the grisly details and stories behind the exhibits.

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