Food for Brains: Los Amigos

​When spending whole days at the library studying for exams few things are as pleasant as taking a little walk and having a warm lunch. The food trucks on campus allow you to combine both: break the monotony of the books and grim weather while enjoying some good comfort food.

This week I went to Taco’s Amigos. The black truck serves Mexican street food such as sandwiches, burritos and tacos. Prices range from €5 for a single burrito to €8 for a menu with Mexican rice and salad while the huge sandwiches will set you back €7. For drinks they offer big bottles of Jarritos soda imported from Mexico at €2.50; a most welcome alternative to the classical Coke and Fanta we all know so well.

Being hungry from a long morning of studying I chose the Los Amigos sandwich and a bottle of grapefruit soda. Once holding the wrapped sandwich I realised the name was probably a suggestion to share it with a friend. The thing was huge: a real calorie bomb! Though the bread was fresh and crunchy I could not make much sense of the garnishing. It consisted of an odd and insipid superposition of breaded chicken escalope, hotdogs and ham held together with melted cheese and seasoned with some bean spread, onions, tomatoes and jalapeño peppers. Nothing conveyed a real Mexican feel… After finishing I was left with a general feel of too much that made that afternoon significantly less productive. I would recommend choosing something a bit less meaty if you have plans for the rest of the day.

Next time I will definitely try the burrito. Hopefully it will be able to make up for this rather unpleasant experience.

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