DUT racer lost weight. Again.

The electric racing car that students from the DUT racing team presented last Friday is a whopping 22 kilograms lighter than its predecessor.

The electric racing car that the DUT racing team presented last Friday looks a bit different from previous versions. DUT14, as the design is called, features straight planes and angles, which make it look a bit boxy. And the cylinder-like wheels look a bit funny too. But don’t let looks deceive you. The students seem to know very well what they’re doing.

Asked where the considerable weight reduction (12 percent) comes from, chief operations Lauren Hubert says that lightweight has been the focus throughout the design process. “At every level we asked each other: is this really the lightest option available? A few grams less at each step of the process really adds up.”

Chief engineer Marinus van der Meijs says that most of the weight reduction has been achieved by modifying the wheels. The diameter is now extraordinary small and yet the whole engine, transmission and brake has been integrated. This allowed for 2 kilograms less per wheel.

“A small wheel diameter means that the wheels and the tires are lighter, and that the transmission can be kept lighter as well”, Van der Meijs explains. The transmission now weights half as much as it did in the previous version. The low but broad tire is especially made for DUT14 by tire manufacturer Apollo (previously known as Vredestein).

Another weight safer was the use of aluminum honeycomb plate as the basis for the chassis (or monocque). Earlier teams used foam plates, which could be milled into rounded forms but where not as light as the alu plates. Hence the boxy appearance of DUT14.

The team of about 80 students is active in building the design. The traditional roll-out is expected in the beginning of June after which preparations for the Formula Students races can start.

  • Some specifications of the DUT14 Formula Student vehicle:

  • Downforce: 75 kg at 60 km/h

  • Weight: 155 kg

  • Total power: 144 bhp

  • 0-100 km/h: 2,3 sec.

  • Top speed: 130 km/h

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