A dream becoming a reality

After almost two years of endless efforts and negotiations with the International Office and Facility Management department of TU Delft, the Delft International Student Society (Diss) is finally going to be officially situated at the first floor of the Vereniging voor Studie- en Studentenbelangen Delft (VSSD) Building located at Leeghwaterstraat 42 in Delft.

Diss was established four years ago, originating from VSSD. The organization aims to represent the interests of international students at TU Delft and make these interests known to the various bodies within university. Diss focuses on encouraging a more cohesive community of international students, one that is actively involved and integrated with the Dutch society and way of life. The fourth Executive Board took charge in February 2013 and since then, one of the most important tasks has been to establish the office space and provide a professional identity for the organization.

For an organization like Diss, getting an office space is of paramount importance to accommodate the rapid growth and expansion in terms of membership and reach. In addition to this, it will also help tremendously in integrating with the Dutch society as we will be sharing the office space with other popular organizations like VSSD, Owee, Best, Aegee and other national associations.

The new office space will give a unique identity and recognition to Diss Board, its committees and its members. The office will be equipped with a state of the art facility, a common room and a meeting room. The office space will allow us to expand our network in order to support the growth we are experiencing while giving us dedicated facilities to host some of our events. The Board is indeed very excited about the possession of the new office and this drastic step ahead represents a commitment to continue to build on the success our society has accomplished over the years.

Our sincere thanks to Ms. Germaine Poot from the International Office for her support, efforts and encouragement in obtaining the office space and kudos to the Board members who have served the Diss during the past years and struggled to get an office space for the organization.

Supraja Ramachandran

Secretary, Delft International Student Society


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