Designer Paulo Martins visits TU Delft

Perhaps you remember Benetton’s UnHate campaign. Or you saw the Edure ads for Nike. The designer behind those ads, Paulo Martins, will be giving a talk at TU Delft.

Martins is a freelance creative director and has worked for companies like Nike, Adidas, Benetton, BMW. Originally from Lisbon, Portugal, he now calls Amsterdam home.

According to his website, his motto is ‘Whatever works’. He goes on to say “Whatever intersects what brands want to say with what people want to hear, happily disregarding those imaginary borders between digital and traditional advertising, social media and editorial, photography, graphic design, film and music.”

Martins will be giving a talk on theexperience of sport and how to conceive that experience in picture and sound. He’ll be discussing about how advertisement is more than just about products but about the feelings and emotions and behaviour of consumers.

Manager of Marketing & Communications at the Sports and Culture Centre, Mick de Witte, says that “In the Sports & Culture Division, we offer a range of free events and lectures that will help the student to explore their mind and extend their playground.”  This talk is part of their monthly agenda, which hosts a variety of events and speakers.

The talk will take place on April 25th at 19:30 at the Culture Center and will be in English. You can keep up to date with this event and all of the events organized by the Sports and Culture Center on their Facebook page:

You can see Martins portfolio on his website:

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