The Delft Survival Guide

To say that The Delft Survival Guide has “something for everyone” is not empty boast. A compilation of articles published in Delta’s Survival Guide series, the e-book is a handy resource for newcomers and long-time locals alike.

More than the usual city guide book, the Survival Guide is not just about what you must-see and must-eat (though there’s a lot of that too), it also gives you an instant idea about what life is like in the Netherlands and why the Dutch do a lot of the crazy things they do. For instance, jumping into frozen water at midnight on New Year’s Eve…

The 2016 edition has been updated to reflect changes in location, costs and that one time when Queen’s Day became King’s Day. New articles include a much-needed breakdown of strange kitchen utensils, why black candy is such a big deal here, understanding your rights as an international, and, believe it or not, surviving death.

Download the PDF of the Survival Guide eBook

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