Crowdfunding for four Delft projects

Delft University Fund launches a crowdfunding platform to enable extraordinary projects at TU Delft.

Today, TU Delft launched the crowdfunding platform to help enable impactful research projects and student initiatives at the university. Anyone can use the platform to contribute to solving societal challenges.

The platform’s initiator is Delft University Fund which will manage the platform. Evelyne Esveld, executive director: “We want to inspire people who share a soft spot for TU Delft and to involve them in Delft gems in research and education. This platform offers everybody the opportunity to help students and scientists who want to create social impact through Delft technology to achieve their ambitions. The extraordinary projects not only show what we are good at, but they are also about what we are good for.”

“We are launching our crowdfunding platform with four inspiring projects that all want to bring about social impact,” says Jacqueline Leemkuil, contact person and coordinator for the crowdfunding platform.

Donating is easy and possible on almost every device. Just go to, choose your campaign, click ‘Donate now’ and you can make your donation directly.The intention is to add a new crowdfunding project at least once a month. The campaigns last one month to six weeks.

Engineers for Refugees

In December 2017, the University Fund launched the first crowdfunding campaign, the Engineers for Refugees. This initiative enables highly educated young people with residence permits to familiarise themselves quickly with the Dutch language and customs. The project has now collected more than 5,000 euros.

Nova Electric Racing

Another project is the green engine project by Nova Electric Racing. Motorcycling can be clean without sacrificing performance. This 9-person student team needs a lot of batteries, 600 at least, to prove that. If you donate eight batteries to the project you will get a NovaBike09 chain.

Purified water in India

Dozens of Indian, Dutch, international students and PhD students are working together with TU Delft on water management and sanitation in India. “Future Indian engineers are becoming aware of the importance of purifying and reusing polluted water, and Delft scientists are learning about the cultural context in India so that they can better assess which technological solutions work,” says Dr Ralph Lindeboom from Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CEG).

Project March

The enthusiastic student team of Project March aims to help people with paraplegia to walk again. They need money to further develop a harness with refined motor skills and therefore are seeking contact with people who want to support this development. With your support they can produce joints, build the exoskeleton and already let it walk in the summer.


Pitch your project!

Do you also like to crowdfund your project or do you have any questions about the crowdfunding platform, please contact Jacqueline Leemkuil via or (015) 278 23 81.

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