Career Centre provides CV services

Starting from October 21, a special team called ‘Medics’ will tour various faculties on a weekly basis to perform CV-checks for students who seek expert feedback on the quality of their curricula vitae.

The MEDICS team (Mobile Entities Delivering Immediate CV Services) is an initiative of the TU Delft Career Centre who is already performing such checks for students, but noticed a rising need for this service. In response, the Career Centre decided to train a group of students to perform CV-checks and to send them out to the various faculties to make the checks more accessible for students.

From Monday through Thursday during the lunch break, the teams will be at two faculties at a time near the faculty entrance to help students with questions about their CV’s and related matters. You can recognize the MEDICS by the stethoscopes they are wearing and by Career Centre banners at the CV-check.

If you want to know when the MEDICS team is at your faculty, you can look on information posters that are spread throughout the university or you can visit the Facebook page ‘TU Delft Medics CV Checks’. Any questions you might already have, you can post there. You can of course directly go to the Career Centre as well.


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