The bike of: Alessandro Abate

When Dr. Alessandro Abate moved to the Netherlands four years ago, he purchased a relatively inexpensive bike from one of the secondhand shops in Delft.

The bike held up through wind, snow and rain, reliably got him from point a to point b and took him on many great explorations of the area. This fall, he decided to use his bike allowance to purchase something new. The bike allowance gave him a fairly sizeable budget for his purchase. He headed out to Piet Vonk in Delft and soon found himself immersed in the world of shiny new bicycles. He combed through a sea of
options until one called out to him from across the store. A brand new Gazelle, a bike so powerful that it would make the ride to school seem like a segment of the Tour de France.

Name: Alessandro Abate (Italy, 3ME,

Assistant Professor)

Price:900 Euros


Striking feature:

Its power

The new bicycle boasts a lightweight frame, 24 gears and an aerodynamic line. It is the Medeo Lite model and has the phrase ‘Every day adventure’ engraved on the frame. The bike is clearly meant for more than just simple transport. The rider is nearly obligated to strike off on paths unknown.

Although the old bike still sits in the shed at home, Dr. Abate is using his new bicycle, despite the recent inclement weather. When asked if he was concerned about the salt messing up the paint or falling on the ice. He said, “No! I am having a lot of fun biking in the snow. I have been avoiding the busy streets and biking home through the Delftse Hout instead. It is quiet and peaceful and the snow is makes for a beautiful view.” Previously Abate lived in San Francisco, where biking was not always a reasonable option. He stated, “Being able to bike everyday was one of the reasons I was excited about moving to the Netherlands. I have a car but I have only used it twice in the last year. I would get rid of it completely if my wife would let me.” Something tells me we’ll being seeing Dr. Abate on his bicycle for many years to come.

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