The best of TU Delft 2014, now on YouTube.

On January 9, 2015, at the university’s 173 birthday celebrations, a video was launched to showcase the best of 2014.
First seen at the Dies Natalis ceremony, the video,

om/watch?v=Jg9FpSt1XBs”>Highlights 2014, is 4 minutes and 55 seconds long. It is now available on YouTube on the university’s official YouTube channel.

Set to an upbeat background score, it opens with a video clip of Rector Karel Luyben welcoming the audience to the previous year’s Dies Natalis celebrations. Subtitled in English each section also has text highlighting why it was chosen. Clips include some student projects such as the Pret-a-loger project, hugely successful Ambulance Drone and the launch of the TU Delft Solar Boat by Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers. Awards of the year also made the cut: the Quantum Research Centre – QuTech – being awarded the status of a national icon and TU professor Mark van Loorsdrecht receiving the Spinoza Award, the highest Dutch science award. 

The achievements reel also includes a snap shot of Rodrigo Valladares being awarded the Graduate School’s first ever doctoral degree and one of Assiyeh Tabatabai being given the university’s 7000th doctoral degree overall. The newly launched Sports Engineering Institute, lecture rooms at the Army Institute, YES!Delft and the university exhibition DIG It! also feature in the video.

“The making of this video goes on all year long,” said Nico Muyen of the New Media Centre, the man behind the highlights video. “Through the year I make and keep an eye out for videos of key events and Marketing and Communication department of the university send me a list of key events as well. Then we start putting it together,” he said.

Nico has been making the highlights video for five years. Work on the new one begins on the day the previous one launches. Having been at the university for the past 20 years, he’s probably the best man to keep an eye out for something new. “I certainly hope so. But, I do know what’s going on at the university. I also work on other projects with the Dream Hall, with EWI and other departments,” he said.

Interestingly, the video for 2013 was almost double the length of this one and had a voice-over in English. “This year we had half the budget, so the video is half the length. We also didn’t have the budget for a voice as that is expensive, so we decided to work with subtitles,” he said. 

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