Aula under renovation

The Aula will be closed for renovations from July 7 to August 15 2014. Apart from the building’s routine maintenance, the restaurant will receive a complete makeover, transforming the facility into a modern, yet inviting space where students, faculty and staff can meet and work.

The renovations are part of TU Delft’s vision of creating a “Living Campus”.

“By renovating the Aula, we want to create a modern facility where students can stay all day long to study, relax or have lunch and dinner,” says TU Delft Facilities Interim Manager Jelle Bos. “We want the Aula to have the same function as the library. During exams, a lot of students use the library to study, but the available study places are running short. We think that the students benefit from these improvements by getting a modern and great place to stay.”

In order to improve the building’s facilities, the entire restaurant layout will be modified to accommodate twice as many amenities. “Besides the renovations, the Aula will get new furniture, excellent Wi-Fi and more power outlets,” Bos claims. “The current furniture in the Aula was outdated and needed replacement. The catering amenities will also get a new look and feel.” These changes are designed to revamp the restaurant’s canteen-like atmosphere into a multipurpose space.

In addition, food services company Sodexo is planning to expand its selection of food and beverages at the Aula restaurant in response, in part, to mounting complaints from international students. “Sodexo will introduce a new menu, paying more attention to the needs of the international students, healthier food and more variety,” Bos says. International dishes will be prepared daily, including stir-fry meals, fresh salads and deluxe sandwiches. Café Brasserie Blue will also get a makeover with new name and look, preparing diverse dishes such as wraps, sushi and pizza.

“Sodexo plays a big role in making the Aula a success,” Bos explains. “With our ‘Living Campus’ vision, we want the campus to be a pleasant place to stay for students, personnel and visitors. An important factor in the ‘Living Campus’ is catering.” With a view to provide outstanding facilities and learning environments for education, research and valorization, TU Delft plans to develop spaces that facilitate and inspire encounters. The renovation of the Aula is just one of the university’s many projects aimed at creating a pleasant and sustainable living environment.

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