Extra consultation between Works and Student Councils and Executive Board

The Works Council and the Student Council will have at least one extra meeting with the Executive Board about the social safety action plan. The making of such a plan is one of the demands from the Inspectorate of Education’s report on the lack of social safety at TU Delft.

The extra meeting will be on Wednesday morning 10 April. Policy advisor for social integrity Rivka van der Schoor-van Mastrigt will also be there then. She is a member of the project team overseeing the creation of the plan.

Agenda conflict

The action plan will also be discussed at the following regular consultation meeting on April 25. It is not yet known whether there will be an additional extra consultation meeting after that. The final version of the action plan must be ready by Wednesday 15 May.

The extra consultation meeting on Wednesday 10 April will take place between 10 AM and 10:45 AM. It coincides with the first of four meetings on social safety in the Auditorium of the Aula. There, staff, students and alumni can give ideas on how to improve social safety.

Road Map

In addition, there will be six smaller meetings that can only be attended by invitation read-more-closed , according to a Road Map posted on the intranet. There will also be a large meeting with a group of 100 randomly selected students and staff and a digital suggestion box has been opened.

According to the schedule, the draft version of the action plan will be discussed with TU Delft’s Integrity Office during the week of 15 April. By the week of 11 April, 90 percent of the action plan should be fixed and discussions with the Supervisory Board, the Executive Board, a sounding board group and the ‘board of directors’ will follow.

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