Social Safety project team members announced

The members of the project team that will guide the drafting of a Social Safety Action Plan were announced in a message on the intranet on Thursday.

The project team consists of nine members, including rector magnificus Tim van der Hagen, director of HR Annemieke Zonneveld, director of communication Carola de Vree and deans Henri Werij (AE) and Aukje Hassoldt (TPM).

The members will spend the coming period providing guidance on drafting a social safety action plan. This action plan is one of the demands of the Inspectorate of Education’s report on the lack of social safety at TU Delft.

One of the first actions of the project team is organising four meetings where employees, students and alumni can give ideas for ‘a socially safer working and studying environment’. These meetings will be supported by Bureau Berenschot, an external consultancy firm, which will also guide TU in writing the action plan.

Project team Social Safety

  • Tim van der Hagen – president of the Executive Board of TU Delft
  • Annemieke Zonneveld – director Human Resources
  • Carola de Vree – director Communication
  • Aukje Hassoldt – dean Technology, Policy and Management
  • Henri Werij – dean Aerospace Engineering
  • Remco Vroegop – administrative coordination (University Corporate Office)
  • Rivka van der Schoor-van Mastrigt – employee Integrity Office
  • Sacha Kroonenberg – director Education & Student Affairs
  • Rutger Blijleven – student member

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