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Delta is TU Delft’s independent journalistic platform, with news, background information, investigative journalism and opinion on education, science, student life and events on campus. The editorial team consists of professional journalists and freelancers. Delta appears in Dutch and English on its own website and can be followed via a weekly newsletter and social media channels.

Delta’s independence is laid down in an editorial statute and is monitored by the editorial board. Delta is a member of the Circle of Chief Editors of Higher Education Media.

Editorial office

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Delta Profielfoto

Saskia Bonger

editor in chief

Saskia (1977) has been Editor in Chief of Delta and Delft Matters, previously called Delft Integraal, since 2016. Before that, she briefly worked as a regional reporter in Friesland and a reporter for the GPD press agency before becoming a news editor at Delta. As the Editor in Chief she is responsible for the content of Delta and Delft Matters and she also regularly writes stories herself.

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Delta Profielfoto

Dorine van Gorp

managing editor

Dorine (1966) is a Managing Editor at Delta and Delft Matters. She studied history and now keeps her finger on the feared track changes button. She sometimes writes and she produces the Delft Matters magazine. She also works as a freelance copywriter and managing editor next to her Delta and Delft Matters work.

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Katja Wijnands

managing editor

Katja is a Managing Editor for Delta and the Delft Matters alumni magazine. She studied journalism in Utrecht and worked for various professional magazines before coming to TU Delft. She enjoys polishing stories and making them easy to read, but is not afraid to take her red pen for major editing. She puts together Delta’s weekly newsletter.

Annebelle de Bruijn (nieuwsredacteur)

Annebelle de Bruijn

news editor

Annebelle likes to dive into bulky research files for Delta and Delft Matters, but is also always up for reports or other articles. You can ask her anything about the best running routes or the nicest concert halls, podcasts or East Asian restaurants. As a provincial, she has a marriage of convenience with living in the Randstad.

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Delta Profielfoto

Marjolein van der Veldt

news editor

Marjolein (1987) is a news and social media editor at Delta. She studied journalism and new media at Erasmus University. She has worked for Delta since 2018, where she follows the Student and Works Councils, writes about education, policy and student life, and is responsible for the social media strategy.

Themes: transgressive behaviour, D&I, housing, IT.

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Delta Profielfoto

Jos Wassink

science editor

Jos (1958) has been a science editor at Delta since 2007. Before that, he made television and radio programmes about science. He studied applied physics at the University of Twente and learned the art of writing at the School of Journalism. He published a book called Energierevolutie (energy revolution) in 2007. The book STROOM (power) followed in 2017. Jos is also a sailing instructor at the Zeezeilers sailing centre in Harlingen.

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Delta Profielfoto

Kim Bakker

science editor

Kim (1984) writes about science for Delta and Delft Matters as well as everything connected to TU Delft and student life. As a real social sciences person, she sometimes feels a bit out of place on the TU Delft campus. Kim studied Dutch and journalism in Leiden, where she still lives.


Foto © Sam Rentmeester . 20220602  .
 Birgit van Driel, columnist  Delta

Birgit van Driel

Birgit van Driel started working as a Policy Officer at Strategic Development in 2021. She returned to TU Delft where she started her studies back in 2006. She’s been affiliated to the Faculties of IDE (first year), AS (bachelor’s) and 3mE (PhD). After earning her PhD, she worked as a Strategy Consultant at Kearney and a Program Officer at NWO-AES.

Foto © Sam Rentmeester . 20170126  .
Dap Hartmann,
briefwisseling Dap/Tim

Dap Hartmann

Dap Hartmann is Associate Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship (DCE) at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. In a previous life, he was an astronomer and worked at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Together with conductor and composer Reinbert de Leeuw, he wrote a book about modern (classical) music.

Columnist Bas Rooijakkers zit op een bankje.

Bas Rooijakkers

Bas Rooijakkers is a master’s student in Applied Physics. He was born in Brabant and spent part of his youth on Curaçao. He enjoys jogging and since the corona pandemic has also picked up cycling. He is also always in for a coffee or a craft beer.

Foto © Sam Rentmeester . 20180918  .
Bob van Vliet - 3ME - TNW ,
columnist Delta

Bob van Vliet

Bob van Vliet is a lecturer at the 3mE Faculty and is specialised in design education.

Otto Kaaij zit op een bankje

Otto Kaaij

Otto Kaaij is a master’s student in computer science and a musician. As a computer scientist, he has a passion for algorithmics, science communication and sustainable software, and as a musician, he always tries to maintain as broad a focus as possible.

Mirte Brouwer zit op een bankje

Mirte Brouwer

Mirte Brouwer is a master’s student in Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft and a master’s student in Dutch Literature and Literary studies at VU University Amsterdam.

Alex Nedelcu, columnist Delta (Foto: Sam Rentmeester)

Alex Nedelcu

Alex Nedelcu is an international third-year bachelor student at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. He studies manufacturing-induced defects in composite structures as part of the Faculty’s Honours research programme. He is also a student representative in the Faculty’s Board of Studies, where he focuses on diversity and sustainability issues.

Jan van Neerven zit op een bruggetje

Jan van Neerven

Jan van Neerven is an Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Professor of Mathematics at the Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics (EWI), where he heads the Analysis section. He is the author of several books in his field, received a Vidi and Vici grant from NWO, and is editor-in-chief of Indagationes Mathematicae. In 2024 he was elected member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Staff members

Joanna Bouma (final editor English)
Heather Montague (Humans of TU Delft)
Emiel Beinema (freelance journalist)
Nikita Ham (social media editor and freelance journalist)
Nathan Lont (freelance journalist)
Michaela Nesvarova (freelance science journalist)


Thijs van Reeuwijk (student assistant)
Jaden Accord (student staff member)
Sam Rentmeester


Thirza Bolhuis

Editorial board

Irene de Bel (president)
Friso de Boer
Aravind Jonnalagadda
Stephen Picken
Jan Schiereck
Sheila Sitalsing
Ionica Smeets
Marion Stenneke

Letter to the editor

Our platform is open to well-written and well-argued letters to the editor, written by TU Delft students and staff.

The maximum number of words is 700.

A letter to the editor can be written in response to something happening at TU Delft or as a reaction to an article.

In the latter case, this is possible if there are inaccurate information or conclusions. In that case, one reaction is posted, because in principle, letters to the editor are not used to discuss a particular topic.

The editors also reserve the right to reject letters submitted if, in their opinion, they do not contain any new arguments.

If a letter is refused, the editors will explain this to the submitter once. No further correspondence will take place about it.

The editors reserve the right to edit letters to the editor, to shorten them and to ask for additional arguments. This is done in consultation.


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