Jan van Neerven zit op een bruggetje. Zijn rugtas ligt naast hem

Jan van Neerven


Jan van Neerven is an Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Professor of Mathematics at the Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics (EWI), where he heads the Analysis section. He is the author of several books in his field, received a Vidi and Vici grant from NWO, and is editor-in-chief of Indagationes Mathematicae. In 2024 he was elected member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.


The only concrete actions in the Plan for Change for social safety at TU Delft are preventative, communicative, and therapeutic in nature, observes columnist Jan van Neerven. He saw alternatives at a university abroad.


Columnist Jan van Neerven champions press freedom in his first column for Delta. His inspiration comes from his father, who passionately defended this cause as Editor-in-Chief of the ‘Limburgs Dagblad’.


In this letter to the editor, Mathematics Professor Jan van Neerven takes up columnist Bob van Vliet’s hashtag #NotMyExecutiveBoard. He wonders whether the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board will live up to their own words.