The only concrete actions in the Plan for Change for social safety at TU Delft are preventative, communicative, and therapeutic in nature, observes columnist Jan van Neerven. He saw alternatives at a university abroad.

To be a member of the TU Delft community should not mean watching from the sidelines, but involve actual participation. That’s not the case now, writes columnist Alex Nedelcu. ‘Decisions that affect us will be made – with or without us’.

Delta republished an investigative article about the lack of social safety at the Innovation and Impact Centre today. It was originally published on 15 April but the Editorial Office, under protest, removed it later that day. Saskia Bonger, Editor in Chief, explains the backgrounds behind the republishing in this article. Everything associated with it is highly unusual. This also goes for the explanation that, as an exception, is more personal in tone. But this is unavoidable if you yourself are part of the news.

Columnist Birgit van Driel is annoyed by the attitude of the activists on campus. Her message to them: think of a different strategy to convince your interlocutor.

Student Mirte Brouwer has a love-hate relationship with her laptop. Naturally while studying you cannot do without, but could we perhaps use it a little less? She argues for less screen time and more time in the real world.

Dap Hartmann loves books. He advocates for a large-scale library on campus where students and staff can donate or take away books, instead of the little dollhouse Library that was cut down the other day.

Student columnist Bas Rooijakkers bids TU Delft and his readers farewell. In his last column, he lists what has changed at TU Delft (student activism) and what has stayed the same (the Executive Board).