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 Birgit van Driel, columnist  Delta

Birgit van Driel


Birgit van Driel started working as a Policy Officer at Strategic Development in 2021. She returned to TU Delft where she started her studies back in 2006. She’s been affiliated to the Faculties of IDE (first year), AS (bachelor’s) and 3mE (PhD). After earning her PhD, she worked as a Strategy Consultant at Kearney and a Program Officer at NWO-AES.


Columnist Birgit van Driel is surprised about the lack of self-reflection in society. She believes that politicians and administrators should look – publicly – in the mirror more often.


Columnist Birgit van Driel enjoyed living at the JvB while studying very much. She would like all students to have a wonderful student life and a close group of housemates.


Words are important and influence our thinking. Metaphors even more so. Columnist Birgit van Driel goes in search of a new metaphor for academia.