AD: ‘TU Delft tampered with annual accounts’

TU Delft’s accounting was not in order around 2019, writes to the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad. According to the newspaper, around that time the university would have appeared poorer than it actually was by fiddling with the financial closure of projects.

For example, in one of the financial statements, positive balances would have been written off as ‘work in progress’ yet to be done. read-more-closed The finance gap is 15 million euros, according to the investigative article (link in Dutch) that also deals with social unsafety at TU Delft. To this end, the AD spoke with sixteen (former) TU Delft employees, almost all of whom have experienced socially unsafe behaviour.

No explanation

The financial construction is vaguely referred to in the 2019 annual report (link in Dutch), the newspaper concludes, by mentioning a ‘broad internal control of project administration’. “In the process, a significant number of projects were closed in 2019 with a positive result effect as part of a broad internal control on project administration,” the newspaper said.

The Executive Board offers no explanation for the difference of millions of euros AD writes about. However, the board did provide the AD with a general statement, saying it recognizes the stories of individual employees. To Delta, a TU Delft spokesperson said he does not want to respond to the article again.

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